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Full 3D demo playback with
instant rewind and jump-to-time.

Rewind is the easiest way to analyze your CS:GO matches in a complete 3D world.


What is Rewind?

Rewind is a Windows application that allows you to watch CS:GO demos. You can jump to any point in the demo instantly and you can even play the demo in reverse.

We don't want to make decisions on how to analyze the match for you, we want to give you the tools to make those decisions yourselves as efficiently as possible.

If this is a beta, what's not ready yet?

Molotovs look like they're from Diablo II, when players die they disappear (no ragdolls), and scopes don't show up. It's a work in progress.

Can I watch any demo?

At the moment, all recent demos are supported. You may notice some visual issues with maps outside of the default map pool, however.

How long does it take to process a demo?

A 32-tick demo takes about 10 seconds to prepare. Once processed you can use it to your heart's delight.

Great – when can I download Rewind?

We hope soon, but we can't offer any specific date. We need to tie up a few loose ends and finish the last season of Breaking Bad before anything hits the shelves. Toss us your email below and we'll notify you when it's available.

Who created this?

Rewind was built by a small international team, including switz, the founder of

Are you hiring?

Yes, we're actively looking for experienced software engineers well versed in game engines and C++. Our goal is to build an experience that people love. Please email [email protected] for more info.

If I join can I microwave fish for lunch on my first day?

Absolutely not.

Is this built on the source engine?

No, this is a custom built game engine intended to visually represent the source engine. It uses your CS:GO installation files to build the maps, models, and other visuals.

What episode of Breaking Bad are you on?

Walter is cooking Crystal Eth, a new cryptocurrency.

I want to support this project -- how can I?

Keep your eyes open for an email from us. You can also join our Discord.

Will this be available to everyone or just pro teams?

Anyone will be able to download this – we don't intend for only teams to have access.

Can I use this with TF2 and other Source 1 games?

Our engine is fairly agnostic and would port to other source games somewhat trivially. But, there's a lot of game-specific UX and UI work that goes into an app like this. In short, if we found it worth the time and effort we could pursue it, but I wouldn't expect it anytime soon.

Rewind is coming soon

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